It’s time to make the donuts

I’m back in NY after over nine weeks on the road with Pile. They are good sweet boys that get into very little trouble and they taught me a lot about how to proceed with my life. I am very grateful for my time playing with them, and we’ll be working on more stuff together very soon. In the meantime, I am getting cracking on writing some new tunes. Here’s a little guitar improvisation I recorded a while ago with Martin Celis (of The Unconditional Love) on drums:


Also, one of my favorite music writers (maybe my only favorite music writer) Mike Ostrov reviewed my record and said some funny and nice things about it, and then he called it “Essential Listening”, which is all I can ask for: to contribute to the essence of human expression. You can read his fantastic writing here:

Howlin’ is out today

Go ahead and listen to the whole thing. It’s also now free to download on my Bandcamp page, let it rip! Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the record!

Thanks also to these publications for the kind words:

Our record release show is next week in Brooklyn at Baby’s All Right, with Pile, Vulture Shit, and Captain Wizard, and tonight I play with Pile at Beat Kitchen in Chicago. See ya one way or the other!


We play Carbondale, IL tonight

Kris and I are playing at a DIY space called The Swamp in Carbondale, IL tonight (PILE is playing too).

I sent out an email to my mailing list yesterday for the first time, which was a little nerve-wracking and took me a long time to compose. I hope to use the list to keep friends and supporters in the loop with what I’m doing, and I promise to keep the writing titillating and expertly crafted (unlike this blog, which is just a dump for coarse ideas). Here’s your opportunity to experience correspondence with me:

I have been getting lots of love from my communities back home for all the exposure we’ve been getting on this trip, so I will be happy to get back home and soak all that love up. Thanks if you’ve been part of that orgy, I am truly very grateful for the support and I would love to love you back however you want.

“Tell Me Baby” Premieres on today

I am very happy to share a new tune off of my upcoming record — it was premiered today by!

“Tell Me Baby” is the first track on Howlin’, a four song EP to be released on Shoulder Tap Records on Apr 21. and Stereogum both covered our premiere. Thanks to Tony at Pavement PR for helping to get the word out!


And Stereogum too:

Our record release party will be on 4/28 at Baby’s All Right, with Pile, Vulture Shit, and Captain Wizard!

Tour has been great

I wake up every day excited to face the day. I’m traveling with Pile, meeting model specimens every day. This band has a gravitational effect on people with integrity, self-consistency, and overall quality. I am stepping into a privileged position — these guys have worked incredibly hard to cultivate a community of inspiring and respectful individuals, and I get to step in for the first time on their 17th tour, playing shows where we receive a warm welcome in every single city we arrive in.

We are on our way to the Grand Canyon right now, and tomorrow night we play in Tempe, AZ with Twin Ponies and Dent, and Kris and I are playing some of my tunes too.Punk Rick