Tour has been great

I wake up every day excited to face the day. I’m traveling with Pile, meeting model specimens every day. This band has a gravitational effect on people with integrity, self-consistency, and overall quality. I am stepping into a privileged position — these guys have worked incredibly hard to cultivate a community of inspiring and respectful individuals, and I get to step in for the first time on their 17th tour, playing shows where we receive a warm welcome in every single city we arrive in.

We are on our way to the Grand Canyon right now, and tomorrow night we play in Tempe, AZ with Twin Ponies and Dent, and Kris and I are playing some of my tunes too.Punk Rick


I’m in a hotel in Moriarty, NM on tour with Pile. We are playing a coffee shop in Flagstaff, AZ tomorrow called Firecreek Coffee. I tried to book us a show in Albuquerque for tonight but no one I contacted seemed to be interested. Good night!